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1. General provisions

1.1. The Admin reserves the right to make any changes, updates on the server without prior notice to the Players.
1.2. The Admin has the right at any time, without giving reasons, to stop providing access to the server to a specific user or under the network as a whole. Due to the nature of the internet, we can not guarantee any access to the game or its servers.
1.3. The Admin reserves the right to intervene in the course of game and events at his own discretion.
1.4. The Admin is not responsible for the loss of gaming property, etc. as a result of (and not limited to) ignorance of the rules of the game and safety rules for using the gaming service. This can also include selling, discarding, or trading. GM's are not responsible for returning items lost or dropped during pvp or pk'ing, traded without checking or sold to NPC's. This includes any and all events.
1.5. Cheating is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. Recruiting for other servers is an automatic ban.
1.6. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violation, the player is obliged to independently monitor changes in this agreement
1.7. All donations are non-refundable. Donations are used to pay for a wide range of services to maintain our game. Donations are logged with ip according to PayPals specifications in order to prevent fraud, abuse and disputes. Any disputed charges where player gets gold and spends it but disputed the charge, will have the account and all other accounts associated with it locked until the dispute is settled.
1.8. By registering an account, you automatically agree to these rules and agree to abide by them.


2. Game process

2.1. It is forbidden to alter the game client (or the dissemination of information about it) or use any software that affects in any way the work of the server or the game process.
2.2. It is forbidden to use any form of in-game hacks, errors or taking advantage of in game bugs and exploits. These must be reported to a GM immediately.
2.3. The player must immediately inform the Admin about any observed bug, error, issue or glitch, and also any violator, using similar errors. Concealment of this information is regarded as complicity.
2.3.1. It is prohibited to use and disguise gaming assets and money (in-game cubi gold) directly or indirectly resulting from the use of third-party software or third-part system. In the event of such a situation, the player must immediately report a violation of the Admin.
2.4. Questers has an English only speaking policy. Only English is allowed in world chat (and common chat at events). It is forbidden to use profanity, harass, insult, defraud, cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players, or use threats of violence or physical violence or to provoke such insults. It is also forbidden to use racial, national, religious cultural, ideological, sexual, linguistic or political affiliation, as well as encourage similar actions and statements made by other players. Using "It was a joke" is no excuse.
2.5. It is forbidden to use any obscene, offensive words and symbols in any form in the names or descriptions of characters, guilds and other game objects. Only characters used on an English QWERTY keyboard are allowed for any name in-game(pets/guilds/characters, ect).
2.6. World chat and common chat is to be kept clear of drama, and is to remain rated G. It is forbidden to "QQ" or complain in world chat.(if you have issue, pls pm the Admin or GM) Do not flood (repeatedly repeated or meaningless messages) in the game chat (general, commercial, clan, world or private). False accusations or accusations without documented proof about players or GM's will be considered harassment.
2.7. It is forbidden in the game to create names of characters, names of objects, in-game objects, containing obscene language, insulting other players. It is also forbidden for players to post or announce any player's real world information (name, telephone number, address, etc.)
* The Admin reserves the right to give its own final linguistic assessment of the compliance of any phrases and words in paragraphs 2.4 to 2.6, and an assessment of the severity of the violation in paragraph 2.7. and can delete any character in violation.
2.8. It is forbidden in the game and on the forum the creation of names of characters, names of objects, in-game objects of communities and organizations of players and any other insignia indicating that they belong to the Admin,
2.9. It is forbidden in any form to advertise and distribute information about other games or private servers.
2.10. Prohibited hacking, fraud, unauthorized access to someone else's game account. Deliberately mislead other players in order to gain access to their accounts.
2.11. Trading in game is carried out directly by the players themselves, and any mistakes made by participants in trade relations remain on their conscience.
2.12. Trading game characters and accounts is prohibited. Trading of game for non-game currency is prohibited. Transfer of game accounts is prohibited. In case of detection of the fact of purchase / sale / exchange / transfer, the game account of the offender will be locked.
2.13. It is forbidden to deliberately perform any actions that harass, impede or make it impossible for other users to access the game, creating intentional interference in the game for other users who are not provided for in the existing game process.
2.14. Kill stealing is not allowed at any time and will be considered harassment of player
2.15. PVP is a choice. If you go "White Named" it is your choice, and you become fair game for any other "white name" player (with the exception of during events). There will be no complaining in world or common chat about being killed if you are "white named". This also includes egos/bragging/calling players out to PK due to someone being killed. We do not desire these things in world or common chat as it reflects poor sportsmanship. If you do not wish to die, do not go white name.
2.16. It is NOT allowed to lure a World Boss or any other mob or NPC into any safe zone of a city or respawn area for any purpose.


3. Guilds

3.1. Players have the right to create, delete, manage guilds indefinitely at their discretion.
3.2. It is forbidden to use ambiguous, offensive, provoking names and avatars in the symbols and names of the guild.
3.3. It is forbidden to use the names indicating the belonging to the Admin and avatars in the symbols and names of the guild.
3.4. It is forbidden to use any characters other than those found on English QWERTY keyboard. (No special characters or foreign characters)
3.5. Anyone who is Leader, Director, or Marshal in a guild that does Territory Wars, can not hold the position of Leader, Director, Marshal in another guild that does Territory Wars.


4. Interaction with the Admin

4.1. It is forbidden to contact the Admin or GM's server to harass or insult them. This will only result in an immediate ban.
4.2. It is forbidden to disrespect, defamation, threats, use blackmail and or deception to the Admin or GM, discussion of the actions and work of the Admin or GM, both on social media and in the game.
4.3. It is forbidden to argue with the Admin or GM and contest their actions in world chat. If there is an issue please pm the Admin or GM or use email.
4.4. Please obey any and all commands the the Admin or GM gives.
4.5. The publication and disclosure of the correspondence (or its contents) with the Admin or GM is prohibited without prior approval. This includes posting on Skype, Discord, Facebook or anywhere else. Communication between GM/Admin and player is considered confidential.
4.6. In case of disagreement with the actions of GM, the player can email a complaint to the Admin. The complaint must be stated reasonably, without emotions and violations of the remaining points of the rules.
4.7. It is forbidden to ask GM for teleport, levels, coin, or items. GM and Admin both are unable to provide any assistance to players as it would be unfair to others.


5. Accounts

5.1. It is forbidden to use a VPN or other service to disguise, hide, or conceal your ip. Using more than one ip is not allowed. In case of detection of VPN or multiple ip usage, the game accounts associated with the ip's used will be locked.
5.2. Players are allowed to create up to 4 accounts to use. If multiple players exist in the household and you are unable to create any of the 4 accounts you are allowed, please send an email to the Admin and provide login name and email for the account, and one will be provided, along with a link to set your password.
5.3. One account/character is allowed to be outside of safe zone on maps or participate in events at a time. Instances where you must be squaded to enter, are not shared with other players and can have alts. Scripts help automate this so the server can boot those who are in violation.
5.4. Households with multiple players must submit an email to the Admin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) listing the names of the people playing and all of the accounts they are using (login names). The information is then entered into a database for the server to use with our scripts to ensure fair play for all.
5.5. It is forbidden to share accounts or account login information. Sharing accounts will cause your account to show up on separate ip and it will wind up being locked by the server.
5.6. It is forbidden to use fake, bogus, temporary, or disposable email address for your account. Only real verifiable emails can be used. Those that are determined by the server to be fake, will be locked.


6. Events

6.1. As stated above in 5.3, only one toon per person is allowed at events. If you wish to use another account/character, you must first remove current account/character from event before using another.
6.2. It is forbidden to enter Nation Wars in squad. Anyone found in violation will incur a 24 hour ban and any winnings will be revoked. Once you are inside Nation Wars, you may use nation chat to communicate with those in your nation and you can squad with them at that point.
6.3. In Nation Wars, once a player starts a map, they must finish it before leaving. Starting one map and leaving to start another (without finishing the map) is called "map jumping" and is not tolerated. Player may leave map while unfinished only if another player is on the map. Then the player left must finish it before leaving.
6.4. It is forbidden to attack anyone in Territory Wars that are on their platform inside their base. Previously players were limited by not beig allowed beyond the last two towers, but players only used this to their advantage to protect them from being attacked but allowing them to attack instead. Once you leave the platform in your base, you are free to kill and be killed. If you are killed on the platform, screenshot entire screen and email to admin and the player will be removed from the game.
6.5. Unless the event itself is a PK event, such as Nation Wars or Territory Wars or some other PK event, there shall be no pk at server events (such as, but not limited to coin event). Killing players to prevent them from participating in an event is not allowed.
6.6. The auto cultivation system is never allowed at any events. Auto culty will only result in kill stealing other players mobs. Anyone found using autoculty during event will be booted for remainder of event.


7. Social Media

7.1. We have a Facebook page to keep everyone updated with latest information and is NOT a place for complaining or QQ. Any posts doing so will be considered irrelevant and removed. Please use the messaging feature on Facebook to ask questions, questions posted on FB page will be deleted. (email is preferred method - we answer quickly) email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.